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Tax Preparation

TurnAround Accountants is proud to be the local area’s leading tax preparation agency. Years of experience, training, and dedication have made us a skilled service provider. We are prompt, efficient, and diligent, making sure we process everyone’s taxes quickly and correctly. With us, you can expect a speedy return and to get the most money back possible. To schedule a consultation with one of our representatives, call us at (780) 221-7736 today.

TurnAround Accountants: Make Tax Season a Breeze

We offer a complete range of tax preparation services to help clients of all income levels take the stress out of filing their taxes. For us, saving you time, money, and energy is our priority. With that in mind, we strive to provide a comprehensive service that takes care of all your tax-related needs. Whether you’re running late on your taxes or trying to ease your tax burden, you can count on us to be of assistance. We can help you with:

Filing tax returns
Income tax planning
Tax classifications
Finding deductions
Tax credits
Minimizing tax liabilities
Back taxes
…and more
Whatever your situation, you can consider us the solution. With our team at hand, tax season will be a breeze.

Get More on Your Tax Return

We do more than just filing your taxes fast. At TurnAround Accountants, we possess an extensive understanding of all relevant tax codes, making us the top choice for developing money-saving tax strategies. The secret to our success is simple. By following a detailed consultation process, we’re able to establish a strong working relationship with our clients. In the process, we get to know the full details of their tax situation, helping us develop a more robust and personalized plan to minimize their tax liability. By working with you directly, we find all the write-offs and tax credits available to you, helping you get the very most out of your tax return. To see how we can save you money, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our advisors. Contact us to get started today.

The Tax Professional You Can Trust

Your financial security is our top priority. As such, we take every precaution to ensure that we carry out our services with the highest standards in mind. We take our professional responsibilities seriously. We think you should expect nothing less than 100% accuracy on your tax documents. And that is precisely what we deliver. We use a rigorous quality control process to verify that our work is free from all possible errors, mistakes, and oversights. We work tirelessly to ensure that your documents are safe and accurate, and we’ll stop at nothing to ensure we deliver the best service possible. Rest assured—with us, you have a tax professional you can trust.

Your Top Choice for Tax Filing

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If you want to make filing your taxes fast, simple, and straightforward, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Trust us with your income tax, and see your choice pay off in dividends. Contact us today to get started.

Tax Preparation (T1)

“Misinterpreting an income tax rule or regulation can cost a taxpayer fines, penalties and — where the misinterpretation is willful and negligent – may also result in criminal charges. Ignorance is no excuse when dealing with government or other regulatory protocols: not for the business owner, not for the directors/trustees, and not for the bookkeeper.” “In Canada, taxpayers are required to self-assess the income tax they owe. Thus the primary obligation for ensuring that all income is correctly calculated and reported, that all taxes due are properly calculated and remitted, and that all documentation needed to support the income tax filing rest with the taxpayer”. Proper documentation must be retained for a period of 6 years after the date of the Notice of Assessment or Notice of Reassessment for the income tax year to which the documentation relates. While the criminal law is nominally based on the premise that an accused is “innocent until proven guilty”, when an income tax assessment is raised, the taxpayer is presumed to be “guilty until proven otherwise”. It is the obligation of the taxpayer to prove” otherwise”.